People Staff
November 16, 1998 12:00 PM

The biggest social trauma of Gary Allan’s adolescence sounds like a country song spun in reverse: Far from being alone on prom night, the Whittier, Calif., teen had too many dates. “Girls would buy the pictures, flowers, everything,” remembers his mom, Mary, “if he would just go with them. The girls always loved Gary.”

And they still do. With his Pacific-blue eyes and farm-fresh demeanor, Allan, now 30, has been reeling in hearts along with hit singles (including “Her Man” and “It Would Be You”) since he came to Nashville in 1995. “He’s not a poser,” says singer Matraca Berg. “That’s a very sexy thing.” As is the 5’11” Allan’s megawatt grin. “His smile lights up the whole room,” says fellow crooner Deana Carter. Female fans routinely press their phone numbers into his palms and themselves into his arms. Once, at a gig in Corpus Christi, Texas, a woman ran onstage and “clamped onto me while I was singing,” he reports. “The bouncer grabbed her, and she just bit the hell out of him.” The divorced father of three reserves his free time for visiting his kids rather than worrying about his appearance: “I run, but that’s it—and I don’t do that faithfully,” says Allan, who dates model (and current video costar) Danette Day, 31. But there is one thing Allan never has to fret about. “It’s amazing,” says bandmate Jake Kelly. “He wears a hat 90 percent of the time, and when he takes it off, he always has perfect hair.”

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