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Garrett Wang

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FOR A DASHING SPACE explorer, compliments come out of the blue. At Star Trek conventions, marvels Garrett Wang, 28, “kids raise their hands and say, ‘My mom thinks you’re cute.’ ” They’re not the only ones. Although he’s now steady with actress Danielle Corley, 25, the 5’11” Wang, Star Trek: Voyager’s Ensign Harry Kim, once had a star-fleet of dates. “He brought a different woman to the set every day for six months,” says castmate and chum Robert Beltran. “He’s got something.” Voyager executive producer Jeri Taylor thinks she knows what it is: “Garrett has a very rich inner light, and that comes out through his beautiful eyes.” Wang, who worries about love handles and gets an $85 facial once a month to battle makeup damage, wants his looks to be a legacy against the racial epithets he endured as a teen in Memphis. “I hope that because I’ve made it,” he says, “a kid who looks like me can walk down the street and instead of [somebody yelling] ‘Hey, Chinaman,’ they’ll say, ‘Hey, you kind of look like Garrett Wang!’ ”