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Gabriela Sabatini: Tennis Star 21

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Tall and tan and young and lovely, when the girl from Argentina goes whomping that tennis ball, lovesick boys gasp and gape. For six years, as she hovered in the land of high promise without cracking through to a major title, Gaby puzzled the tennis world with an aloofness that was part language gap, part shyness, part competitive frustration. “She looks almost goddesslike,” said famed tennis-wear designer Ted Tinling at the time. “Her beauty and arrogance form a contradiction.” Last year, aided by sports psychologist Jim Loehr, she fought her way to victory in the U.S. Open. Now “sparkling, passionate, confident, fully alive,” says Loehr, the unleashed Sabatini enjoys her new status. But, she says, “It’s, also important to look good and be a nice person.” Her preening secrets include lots of showers, orange juice, weight lifting and “a little mascara and bright lipstick, nothing else. I just try to look feminine.” It all spells heartache for the lovesick boys, who have taken to proposing to the distant goddess by mail. “Of course I have to say no,” she says gently. “It’s very hard to have someone now.”