People Staff
April 24, 2006 12:00 PM

Regina Hall was killed off in the first Scary Movie. But Hall, 35, proved so popular that her character was resurrected for the next three films. “Nobody questions that she comes back,” says Hall. “You can’t kill her.” The Washington, D.C., native took a stab at topics from therapy to baby names.

Her stripping abilities after playing an exotic dancer in The Best Man: “I won’t quit my day job, but I wasn’t too bad. It’ll come in handy for someone eventually.”

Her take on therapy after playing a shrink in Danika, due to hit festivals later this year: “The more I’m in L.A., the more I’m a fan. I go to church instead. But I should definitely go to therapy for all the times I’ve been killed in the Scary movies.”

Her favorite Scary Movie 4 film spoof: “The Village, because it was a period piece. I liked wearing the corsets and all that.”

Her American Idol prediction: “Chris Daughtry. He always makes it a little bit rock.”

A great celebrity baby name would be: “Cheesecake, at this point. There are some really bad ones. What happened to good old Megan?”

Biggest lie she ever told: “I’ve been a virgin more than once.”

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