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For a Star-Studded Gala Against Children's Aids, Some Politicians Will Even Cross Party Lines

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Politics, they say, makes strange bedfellows. So, apparently, do benefits. Democratic Sen. Howard Metzenbaum and his staunchly Republican colleague Orrin Hatch don’t exactly see eye to eye on things. But they do agree on one matter—the importance of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation and the need to help children with AIDS. Consequently, the Senators agreed to co-host a celeb-laden benefit at Washington’s National Building Museum, where over $1 million was raised. “I know that many of you never expected to see the two of us standing together on any issue,” Metzenbaum told the crowd. “Most of you are terrified that we might want to do it again.” Hatch and Metzenbaum weren’t the only politically peculiar pair at the benefit Kitty Dukakis and Sandy Brock, wife of Reagan’s Labor Secretary Bill Brock, served as co-chairwomen. “This is an effort that goes way beyond politics,” said Kitty.

Well, maybe not entirely beyond politics. When Cher took center stage as the evening’s main event she was wearing a dress that by her standards was positively demure—strapless but floor length. The outfit she announced after her first number, “was for the Republicans in the crowd…. And now something for the Democrats.” Cher then yanked off the lower two-thirds of her outfit

Though politicians are frequently accused of not keeping promises, Metzenbaum kept his vow to the audience. “Orrin and I have decided that we will not close the show by looking into each other’s eye and singing, ‘I Got You, Babe.’ ” The sighs of relief were bipartisan.