Lesley Messer
March 29, 2010 12:00 PM

Our reporter meets Gerard in a room with a round table and far too many chairs.

Okay, where should I sit?

I figured you’d sit on my lap! [Laughs]

Ha! Here’s a question no one’s ever asked you: How was working with Jennifer Aniston?

Who’s she?

An actress who I hear makes good Mexican food!

She does! She loves to [bake] too, and she thought it was fun to send me cupcakes-until she realized it was a problem and then she stopped. But she’s just the coolest girl. Every time you think, “Okay, now I’m gonna see the diva,” you never do.

What’s your type?

I’m often attracted to tall women with long dark hair. But there’s no particular type. It just depends on the feeling you have with somebody.

How do you kick back?

Last year I rode a motorbike into the Himalayas. I [drove] a 4×4 up glaciers at 2 a.m. in Iceland. I love not knowing, “Is it gonna be incredible or am I gonna end up dead?”

Will you rock a kilt again?

It’s my heritage: I think it’s one of the most handsome looks, and it feels pretty great. But [probably] not for this premiere. I’m playing a bounty hunter. Turning up in a kilt may send people in the wrong direction!

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