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Five Questions For Greg Kinnear on Fast Food—and Fatherhood

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1 So, Greg, what’s your beef with fast food?

It’s not a soapbox thing. It’s just, as a father, it’s pretty disturbing to read about grown people sitting around boardroom tables figuring out how to dazzle 2-year-olds.

2 Did the movie make you a tree-hugging vegan?

I still eat red meat, okay? Is this the 60 Minutes part of the interview? Okay, you got me: I love [L.A.’s famous chain] In-N-Out Burger!

3 You have two kids [Audrey, 3, and Lily, 5] with your wife, Helen. Any advice for new parents?

Don’t worry so much. You start focusing on the wrong things, like around any corner lurks the mother of all poops and the world’s hugest tantrum. You wind up missing all the good stuff.

4 You come from a family of boys. What’s it like having a female posse?

There’s the expectation that I would know what to do as a dad to a son. But with girls I don’t know anything. There is no obvious channel to pass your hang-ups through.

5 You started out as a TV host. Are you a good guest?

I have the unfortunate position of having been on the other side of the desk, so when I’m crashing and burning, I can actually hear the thoughts of the host saying quietly to himself, “Oh, God, I’ve got to get to a commercial because this guy is no good.” If I could be oblivious to all that, that would be nice.