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Family Values Patricia Wettig & Roxy Olin

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Growing up in a showbiz family, Roxy Olin always knew she wanted to be a performer. “It wasn’t a surprise,” says Roxy, 24, who recently appeared on the MTV reality hit The City. She is the daughter of actors Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin. With Patricia costarring on the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters—where Ken serves as executive producer and Roxy’s brother Clifford is a writer—it was only a matter of time before Roxy joined her mom on the show. “It’s not like we’re all having breakfast together,” laughs Wettig, 58, “so we sort of meet each other at work.”

Roxy, do you remember when you told your mother you wanted to be an actress?

ROXY: It was almost sort of assumed. I loved to perform. I wanted to act before I was done with high school. That caused more discussion …

PATRICIA: I was not going to be a stage mother. If Roxy wanted to start auditioning and things, she had to be able to drive and basically be able to take care of her own professional life.

ROXY: Anti-stage mother.

PATRICIA: I’m not saying that’s wrong for other people, but in my life, that would’ve made me too crazy.

Patricia, what’s it like watching your daughter on MTV’s The City?

PATRICIA: I think she’s fantastic! Ken [Olin] and I sat in the kitchen and watched the promo about 10 times.

Have you offered Roxy any advice?

PATRICIA: You have to have a thick skin because

—ROXY: People are mean.

PATRICIA: And now people will Twitter you. People will make these comments. That’s the side I worry about more: the psychological. I want her to understand that you can’t really take this stuff seriously.

How do you feel about working together on Brothers & Sisters?

ROXY: At first it was hard because they [my family] were all working on it and I wasn’t. My dad, he’s the boss, and he’s been big on me getting my own work. Once I got this job [on The City] separately, he felt okay with me doing the show. But boys on the show won’t look in my direction because of my dad, and it drives me crazy.

PATRICIA: This is the one downside that Rox just cannot get past. She is the boss’s daughter, and it just makes her nuts.

ROXY: Dave Annable, Matthew Rhys and Balthazar Getty, they’re all like the cutest things ever, and I’m like, “Hey, boys.” And they’re like, “Boss’s daughter. No.”

PATRICIA: It’s such a high price to pay, right? [Laughs.]

The two of you really seem very supportive of each other.

PATRICIA: Well, you have to be willing to work really hard, and Roxy has been. We are truly lucky to have such a close family.

ROXY: We’re really close in different ways. My mom is the first person I called when I lost my virginity. Call it weird! But we’re all like that. We all have the same job, to some degree, in this crazy world. I think we stabilize each other.