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Family Blessings

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Aug. 9, 2007

8 lbs. 6 oz.

When R&B singer Tamia and her husband, basketball star Grant Hill, welcomed daughter Myla five years ago, “she was a little bit early, and it was a really easy delivery,” says Tamia. But the birth of their second child, Lael (pronounced Lay-el), on Aug. 9 went into overtime: “She’d still be in me if we hadn’t induced!”

Being able to deliver a healthy baby was especially precious given that Tamia, 32, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year after Myla was born. “[Pregnancy hormones] actually help minimize the symptoms,” Tamia says of MS, a chronic disease affecting the nervous system. “I was so happy to tell everyone that I felt great … that MS doesn’t mean a death sentence.”

While Mom is juggling bottles and diapers, Dad, 35, is dreading the away games as he starts his 14th NBA season, with the Phoenix Suns. “During Myla’s first year, I was injured, so I was home all the time. I could play with her anytime I wanted, and I knew everything that happened,” he says. “Now that I’m back on the court, I will have to travel, and that’s going to be tough.”

When he’s home, the family will make the most of their time together. “Myla likes to sleep in bed with us, and [their Maltese] Sweetie sleeps at the foot,” says Hill. “When Lael gets bigger and starts wanting to sleep in bed with us, it’s going to be really crowded. And if we have another baby, we’re going to need a bigger bed—or one of the kids will be sleeping down at the foot of the bed with Sweetie!”