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Faith Ford: Actress 26

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On Murphy Brawn, she plays Corky Sherwood, former Miss America. But growing up in Pineville, La., she was called Lizard Legs. By high school, “I was always primping…. I loved cooking, cleaning and sewing.” And yakking—at least as an alternative to making out with the boys who dated her. “I didn’t want them to think I wasn’t cool, but I didn’t want to go parking. So I’d just start in. ‘Isn’t the sky pretty tonight? Just look at those stars!’ Maybe that’s why I didn’t get asked to the prom.” Years later, in acting class, she met Robert Nottingham, who like her had served on student council. They were friends for seven months before they went out. Now they’re hitched, and he’s shooting commercials. “The first time I hugged him, it was a perfect fit, like I’d been hugging him forever,” says Ford. “Also, he was not too proud to wash dishes. I always thought if I could meet a man who was a man and not too proud to wash dishes, that would be the true man.”