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December 04, 2006 12:00 PM

Andrew Macpherson credits his fashion designer mother, Diana, for his “vision”—a way of seeing the world that has made him a top celebrity photographer. She was “the life and soul of the party, and of my childhood,” he writes, “until cancer took her from me when I was 13.” Diana never saw her son’s shots of everyone from Naomi Campbell as a rookie model to an ailing but still vibrant Muhammad Ali. Macpherson is honoring her with Two Million Miles: All profits from the book will go to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund. His mother, Macpherson writes, “would have loved my journey.”

Vince Vaughn 1998

During a shoot to publicize the remake of Hitchcock’s Psycho, “Vince was game for anything,” writes Macpherson—including dangling from a 22nd-floor fire escape and standing in a freezing shower.

Reese Witherspoon 2002

“She always seems like the most adorable girl in the world, and that is exactly what she is like to photograph.”

Eve 2002

“I realized this wasn’t the tough, street-fighting rapper that I’d expected from her videos, but a really bright, funny and beautiful girl.”

Johnny Depp 1994

To create an eerie backdrop for “the most enigmatic actor of my generation,” Macpherson built a bonfire and filled an abandoned L.A. factory with smoke.

Liv Tyler 1999

“I knew she would be delightful to photograph, but still I was mesmerized by her exquisite looks and easy grace.”

Sandra Bullock 1994

“Fresh off the bus, [Speed star] Sandra proves she’s the queen of speed with her quick draw.”

Britney Spears 2003

“Watching Britney grow up in public has been fascinating.”

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