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Everyone's a Critic

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Love the shirt, shorts and heels…just not all together.

-Lakia Fashae

Don’t care for the top with those shorts…looks like a black doily with a too-prim-and-proper white collar.

-Valerie Vivas

Looks like a peekaboo nun’s habit on top and a blue paper sack on the bottom.

-Elisa Rae Hansen


Class personified! Simple, with the right fall colors…not overdone at all.

-Idy Bailer Stern

It’s a throwback to the 1970s for sure, but the blazer and shoes make it modern, and Charlize makes it perfect.

-McKenna Rishmaway

Great costume for a 1985 Halloween party!

-Sheila Fields


Only Solange can make something that seems so wrong so right! This look screams effervescence!

-Naima Baucum

Yes the patterns clash, but she ties them in with the colors in her skirt and shoes. She pulls it off.

-Christina Crow

Is she auditioning for the movie version of Fraggle Rock?

-Karen Funes


Love the classic red lip, shiny and smooth locks, earthy tones, military jacket and the clutch!

-Jessica Thornton

The whole outfit looks like pieces hodgepodged together from random decades.

-Bari Christensen Dilworth

Why do you want to look 20 to 30 years older than you are? She looks like Sophia from the Golden Girls.

-Erica Lynn


The dress, hat and bag are fine, but the shoes? She can do better.

-Edna Maldonado

The shoes and hat are throwing me off.

-Littlemissmalls Fashion-blog

Love the waist belt she’s wearing, but the whole outfit is one big mixture of different styles, and not in a good way.

-Pernille B. Meyer


Loving it! Chic, classy, well put-together.

-Martha Sue Cruz

Great blouse and pants, ideal for a dressy sexy look, but the jacket doesn’t fit the idea of the outfit…and that hair is so years ago.

-Michelle Anahi Lopez Arrizon

The blazer is a bit too long and shapeless on her. She has a beautiful shape, but that blazer is doing nothing for it.

-Luchian Bennett