People Staff
October 27, 2008 12:00 PM

I’ve had a crew cut, dyed my hair red, white and blue, and I’ve had it very, very blonde. But my most embarrassing moment was with makeup: One time on a subway I had very colorful makeup on and thought I looked beautiful and this kid was like, “Mommy, there’s a clown on the train!”


When I was little I was naturally blonde, but as I got older my hair turned darker. My mom wanted me to still be blonde, so she put Sun-In in my hair. It turned this really ugly orange. And I had it for, like, three years!


When I was doing Ice Princess they sent me to a colorist. She put peroxide bleach right onto my scalp. I said, “Is this supposed to burn this badly? I’m about to cry.” She said, “Oh, it’s normal.” Yeah, it’s not normal.


I was punk-rock in high school and had a long purple Mohawk. There are very few pictures of it because my mom did not want to record that it ever happened.


At one point I had black-and-red hair. Then I decided I wanted to be blonde, so a girlfriend [bleached it] and it all fell out!


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