Amy Elisa Keith
December 17, 2007 12:00 PM

Hopping up and down as she wriggles into a pair of jeans, Eve yells over the Bob Marley music and her own loud thumping on the wooden floors of her Hollywood home. “Don’t come in here,” she says, slightly embarrassed, from her bedroom. “I’ve got stuff everywhere. This is bananas.”

Any clutter would be totally understandable: A recent water leak flooded three of her five main closets—one each for clothing, shoes and purses. Luckily the 29-year-old multiplatinum rapper-actress-fashion-designer, who’s had several Top 40 hits such as “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” with Gwen Stefani and starred in her own UPN sitcom Eve for five years, has an assistant who arranges it all by color and style. “I get really stressed out if I have to organize,” says the Philly native. “My brain doesn’t work like that. She hooks it up; otherwise it would look a mess.”

Though Eve made headlines for another mess this spring—she pled no contest to an April DUI charge after crashing her Maserati in L.A.—right now her mind is on fashion. She’s relaunching her own rock-chic clothing line Fetish early next year, and she’s loving a new purchase: a gold Zagliani python-skin bag that cost close to $3,000. “It’s my new baby,” says Eve proudly. “The store clerk told me that it’s been dipped in Botox—that’s how they get the python skin to be so soft. Super smart! I’ve got everything in it: my rap notebook, my phones, tons of lip gloss, tissues. It’s so big, I just throw stuff in there.” Along with more than 60 other purses ranging from Hermès to Gucci (“They can really make an outfit”), Eve also owns a Fendi fur coat that’s too warm for L.A. weather, 40-plus pairs of “pricey” jeans and D&G dresses with the prices still dangling from them. “So much in this closet still has the tags on it,” says Eve, gesturing to dress after dress. “Like this Catherine Malandrino dress, there’s a tag. Nordstrom, there’s a tag. Versace dress, tag.” She waves at more frocks by Herve Leger and Christopher Kane. “I buy all of these, and I don’t know where I think I’m going,” she says.

Another fashion statement Eve isn’t so proud of? The alcohol-monitoring device she wore on her ankle for 45 days over this summer. “It was so nasty, I couldn’t wait for it to get cut off,” says Eve, who was spared jail time. “But I’ve learned my lesson. If I go somewhere I know I will drink, I hire a driver.”

Now Eve—whose fourth solo album, Here I Am, drops in January—can focus on Fetish. “My line was juvenile the first time around, not my style,” she says of the label’s 2003 debut, which was shelved a year later. With more sophisticated offerings such as leather antique pea coats and high-waist jeans, she says, “this time I want every piece in the collection in my closet.” She may have to ask Santa for more space. Says Eve: “I’ll need to expand really soon.”

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