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Evan and Jaron

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AGE: 27 (they’re identical twins)

HEIGHT: Evan (at right), 6’½”; Jaron, 6’1″

MARITAL STATUS: Evan is married; Jaron is single


BIG BREAK: “Crazy for This Girl,” the Top 20 single off their fourth CD, Evan and Jaron

TELLING THEM APART: Growing up in Georgia, back when they had a last name—Lowenstein—”Jaron was more rugged and Evan more pretty boy,” reports their sister Andrea, 33. These days Jaron has longer hair.

FINE FORMS: The brothers excelled at tournament baseball and played tennis and basketball at Atlanta’s Yeshiva High School. (They are observant Jews and don’t work on the Sabbath.) But they did go through “a chubby phase at about 13,” admits Jaron. “We were a little pear-shaped.”

LIP SERVICE: “I’m always looking for the best lip balm. I hate the ones with the SPF,” says Evan, married since last November to Kassini Cohen, 22. His choice? “Plain old cherry Chapstick.” As for Jaron (who recently broke up with a steady girlfriend), his lips are sealed.