Jennifer Garcia and Oliver Jones
November 14, 2011 12:00 PM

Southern charm, meet Hollywood glam! The Oct. 29 wedding of actress Eva Amurri, 26, and soccer broadcaster Kyle Martino, 30, had plenty of both. Held in a converted 144-year-old courthouse in Charleston, S.C., the black-tie affair was hosted by Susan Sarandon, the bride’s mother, and Tim Robbins, who helped raise the Californication star during his 21-year relationship with Sarandon. (Amurri’s biological dad, Franco, also attended.) After a tearful ceremony, guests ate halibut, mac and cheese and six desserts, then danced all night with the newlyweds. “It was a beautiful occasion,” says Sarandon, “because we were all together to witness what they had already found.”

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