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Ethan Hawke

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Heartthrob Hawke has recently made two big changes in his life: On May 1 the 27-year-old actor married his Gattaca costar Uma Thurman; two months later, he became a first-time father. But Hawke’s better-dressed half has had no effect on his sloppy style. “He always looks grungy to me,” says designer Marc Bouwer. “I would like to see him cleaned up—and more modern.” Indeed, model Emme senses hints of “a ’60s rocker” in the ’90s hipster: “His type is, ‘I don’t give a damn about fashion. I’m going to look good no matter how I dress!’ ” Even in a suit, points out L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant, the 6′ Hawke “likes the wild, messy look.” Costumer Linda Serijan-Fasmer doesn’t. “He’s definitely got that 24-hour street thing going,” she says, “but it doesn’t work with his movie-star face.”