People Staff
November 16, 1998 12:00 PM

Leaping tall buildings in a single bound might be stretching it. But if you need a missile aimed with laser-like precision by a stalwartly handsome guy with a crew cut and a chiseled jaw, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Elvis Grbac is your man. Fittingly, Grbac, 28, keeps a low profile worthy of Clark Kent, says teammate Pellom McDaniels: “He’s a regular guy who has a family and goes to work Monday through Friday. I don’t think you’d ever guess he plays football.”

You might get a hint from Grbac’s stats—6’5″, 232 lbs.—but not from what his University of Michigan coach Jerry Hanlon calls his “laid-back and quiet” demeanor. Adds Hanlon, “I never pictured Elvis as a ladies’ man.” Then again, Grbac never had time: The Cleveland native—yes, named after that Elvis by his Croatian-born parents—was still in high school (he’s shown in the locker room of his alma mater, now called Villa Angela-St. Joseph High) when he began dating wife Lori, with whom he has two sons, one 3, the other 4 months old. Though he has met interesting and famous people, says Grbac, “no one compares to her.” Lucky Lori knows why he’s her superhero: “His personality makes him sexy.”

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