People Staff
May 08, 2006 12:00 PM

Eddie Cibrian

A TV groomography

The 32-year-old Invasion star recalls the many looks of his career.

’94-’96 Matt Clark, The Young and the Restless “When they did my hair, I said, ‘Oh, you put product in it? That’s kind of cool.’ I didn’t know anything.”

’99-’04 Jimmy Doherty, Third Watch “No one was well groomed. It was like, ‘Who cares?’ They wanted us to look real.”

’05 Eddie Towne, Tilt “It was shot in HD, so they put less makeup on me. The camera shows everything. You don’t want to see makeup on a guy.”

’05-’06 Park ranger Russell Varon, Invasion “I’m more earthy, laid-back, casual now. But I do wash my face every night with a Yon-Ka product. It’s a milk cleanser that washes and moisturizes at the same time. I’m addicted to it.”

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