People Staff
May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

When Ed Harris was starting out in the 1970s, he was told that he would never make it as an actor. ” ‘You don’t have any hair,’ ” he was reminded. ” ‘You’ll play bad guys all the time.’ ” Over the course of 35 movies, Harris, 50, has played his share of bad guys (most recently in this year’s Enemy at the Gates), but he has also been a space hero (astronaut John Glenn in 1983’s The Right Stuff), a leading man (opposite Julia Roberts in 1998’s Stepmom) and a tormented artist (in Pollock, for which he earned his third Oscar nomination). “It’s not difficult to have chemistry with Ed Harris,” says his Pollock costar Marcia Gay Harden. “It’s his walk, his voice, his mouth, his face, his intensity—he’s a man.” The 5’9″ Harris, who lives in L.A. with his wife of 17 years, actress Amy Madigan, 50, and their daughter Lily, 8, uses his “real guy” features to their best effect, points out Stepmom director Chris Columbus. “Ed can walk on-set and you can shoot him. It cuts down on the makeup time, which is terrific.”

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