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Drinks with ... Albie & Chris Manzo

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Not much has changed since Chris and Albie Manzo moved out of their mother Caroline’s Franklin Lakes, N.J., mansion and into a three-bedroom Hoboken bachelor pad last fall. Except when it comes to airborne meat: “The ham game stopped,” Albie says, referring to their frequent prosciutto-flinging matches seen on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey. “Now that we’re buying the cold cuts and cleaning our own floors, it’s just not as fun.”

For Caroline’s boys, paying rent has only increased their sense of responsibility. “It’s not like Jersey Shore over here,” says Albie, who works with his brother marketing products like blk. black water. Yet Albie, 25, and Chris, 22, who share the apartment with roommate Greg Bennett, are quick to confirm that they are loving their bachelor lifestyle, which is featured on their Housewives spinoff web series Boys to Manzo. “It’s a revolving door here,” says Albie, who installed a red carpet in the apartment so guests “always feel like it’s an event when they come.”

After eight months living on their own, they’ve also come to appreciate the moments that remind them of home. “The best day we ever had was, we came back and mom and [their sister] Lauren had cooked, and everything was waiting for us,” says Chris. “We were so happy we didn’t have to fend for ourselves!”