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February 16, 2009 12:00 PM

What do PEOPLE readers want to know about Drew Barrymore? Her dating rules, her favorite of all those hair colors and—lots of you asked—why she never hooked up with nice guy Adam Sandler. “Our sense of humor just never developed into sexual chemistry,” says Barrymore, 33, who stars in and produced the new relationship-themed comedy He’s Just Not That Into You. Barrymore sat down with PEOPLE’s Alexis Chiu to tackle your questions.

What have you learned from previous dating and men who just aren’t into you?


Dallas, Texas

To not repeat patterns and to understand what the signs are and how to read them. And to demand for yourself what really makes you happy, instead of taking less and thinking that it’s enough. When you finally realize it, it seems so simple and clear.

What are your rules for dating? Learned any dos and don’ts over the years?


Portland, Ore.

Always be yourself, because if somebody is liking something about you and you’re putting on a show for them, they’re not liking the real you.

Do you try to stay friends with exes?


Vernon, Conn.

My exes are really important to me, and I am very close with them. I just saw Fabi’s show and showed him my film that I directed because I wanted to talk music stuff with him. That goes for everybody. Just because the “in love” doesn’t work doesn’t mean the love goes away.

What’s in your makeup bag?


San Jose, Calif.

AmazingConcealer. I live, die and breathe by it. My favorite Covergirl product [she’s a spokeswoman] is the lip stain. I’ve been looking for a marker-like permanent lip stain that doesn’t dry my lips out.

Of all the movies you’ve filmed, which was the most fun to work on?


Lake Forest, Calif.

The Charlie’s Angels movies, E.T., and we just had such a blast on Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. Directing Whip It! [a comedy due out later this year], I made sure it was a lot of fun for the actors. I had a lot to manage, so it was also stressful and challenging. But it was the best!

Do you eventually want to start a family? You are so sweet and fun. I feel like you’d make a great mom someday!


Greenwood, Ind.

Thank you! Absolutely, yes! It’s a goal, and I think it would be lovely.

What is your favorite thing to do when you want to unwind?


Grand Rapids, Mich.

Eat Kraft macaroni and cheese and watch a great movie.

You look amazing. How do you stay fit?


Raleigh, N.C.

I try to work out a couple times a week, but with work it’s really hard to be consistent. Whenever I’ve looked my best, it’s because I’ve worked out and I feel good. But I’m more on the side of people enjoying life and not starving themselves and exercising seven days a week and being so obsessed. I think there’s a balance. There’s a healthy way to live, but to also, like, eat carbs with your friends and not beat up on yourself for it.

Who is your celebrity crush?


Peosta, Iowa

Oh, easy. Christian Bale. He’s so cute! And I knew him when he was a kid. He was in Empire of the Sun. If he walked into the room now, I would totally clam up. Or I might go overboard and embarrass myself.

Who was your favorite screen kiss with?


Painesville, Ohio

I’ll say Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer. It was really innocent and unsalacious. It’s a kiss that means love and not necessarily sexuality, and I just find it really romantic and fun! I think Adam is the greatest guy, so it’s easy to be in love with him.

You’ve tried so many hair colors. Which one do you think suits you most?


Shanghai, China

Funny enough, I think red. I really like redheads. I think they are just so hot. I’m blonde now. Love it! Life is short, so why not try on every look you possibly can while you’re kickin’ it on the planet?

You always change up your look for each role you play. Which has been your favorite look to date?


Sunnyvale, Calif.

Right now I’m excited for people to see Grey Gardens [due in April], to see what I look like as I emulate and honor Edie Beale—and all her transformations.

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