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Double Agents

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An Oscar, an entourage and Armani—those are the things some celebrities treasure. Then there are those whose pleasures are simpler. Consider Alexa Vega, 12, and Daryl Sabara, 8, now starring in Spy Kids. “We’re on food!” says Vega gleefully. “My friend picked up a bag of Cheetos Flamin’ Hot and she was just, ‘Oh my gosh, I see Alexa everywhere now!’ ”

And that’s just at the supermarket. Moviegoers have made the Kids, a James Bond-style adventure for the 007-year-old set and older, a No. 1 hit at the box office, and the youngsters have a spot in a planned sequel.

The two have a lot more in common than just work: Both live in the L.A. area and attend school there, both have parents who’ve split up, and both have long Hollywood résumés. “In Southern California, you play soccer and you do auditions,” says Daryl’s mother, Sandy Krebs, a social worker who got her son a gig on Murphy Brown when he was 7 weeks old. For Alexa, whose blonde hair was dyed brown for the him, it wasn’t until age 4 that she got a part on the Burt Reynolds sitcom Evening Shade. “She hasn’t stopped working since,” says her mom, Gina Rue, a former model. Now Alexa is learning what fame can mean. For the Spy Kids premiere, she notes, “the makeup artist showed up at 6 a.m.” Could an entourage be in the offing?