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May 09, 1990 12:00 PM

Those eyes, that look, we’ve seen them before—and the name rings a bell, too. Ah, but no wonder; the offspring above do come from some pretty famous folks. For some, the genes have seemed a blessing, for others a burden (“Horrible,” says Lorenzo Quinn, Anthony’s son. “People expect me to be him”). Whichever, most are trying to follow Mom or Dad’s footsteps—and avoid their foot faults. Their bet is that talent, like good looks, is hereditary.

CHYNNA PHILLIPS (left), 22, daughter of folk-rock’s Papa John and Mama Michelle. Sings (in a trio with Beach Boy Brian Wilson’s daughters) and acts (TV’s Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer).

JOSH EVANS (left), 18, Ali MacGraw’s co-production with Bob Evans. Got good notices as Tom Cruise‘s brother in Born on the Fourth of July, follows in a bioflick on the Doors.

LORENZO QUINN, 23, son of Anthony. Like Dad, he paints, sculpts and acts—gifts he’s just parlayed into the starring role in a film biography of Salvador Dali.

KEN GRIFFEY JR. (left), 20, Seattle centerfielder who’s a chip off the bat of big-leaguer Ken Sr. How good is Jr.? He already has a candy bar named for him.

KEVIN McENROE (left), 3, love-match product of tennis ace John McEnroe and actress Tatum O’Neal. Still undetermined if he’ll be a jock or third-generation Hollywood.

JASON GOULD, 23, Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould’s lasting collaboration. Had bit parts in three films (most notable: Say Anything)—but he’d like to follow Ma’s example and direct.

JOSH BROUN, 22, actor son of TV’s ex-Hotelier James. Debuted at 17 in Spielberg’s The Goonies and now works the prime-time range as “Wild Bill” Hickok on The Young Riders.

LAURA DERN, 23, stellar feature of Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd’s ’60s marriage. Made her own name in Smooth Talk and Blue Velvet. Up next in Wild at Heart (Ladd plays Mom).

ALISON EASTWOOD, 18, the prettiest moving picture Clint ever made. Walked Tightrope with Dad, is now taking a hiatus for college.

IONE SKYE, 19, daughter of ’60s Mellow Yellow man Donovan Leitch (though they’ve never met). Instead of Pop (and pop), she embraced acting (Say Anything, River’s Edge and the upcoming Mind Walk).

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