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Diet Like the Stars

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Real Food Detox


The all-liquid cleanse—which had celebrities subsisting for days on little more than, say, a mix of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper—has been replaced by a new kind of detox diet: one that mixes liquid meals with ones made from real (but super-healthy) food. For example Tyler, 32, follows trainer David Kirsch’s 5-Day Cleanse, which includes “huge green salads and clean proteins” such as turkey, he says. Meanwhile Paltrow, 37, cleanses twice a year with a combination of soups and smoothies, as well as grilled, sugar-free chicken teriyaki.

Non-Processed Foods


Crawford’s diet philosophy is pretty simple: “Eat real food that’s cleanly prepared, fill up on vegetables and lean protein—and once in a while have some treats so you don’t go off the deep end!” says her friend and former longtime trainer Valerie Waters. That means skipping food that comes in a box or that’s fried or soaked in butter, and livening up staples like chicken and fish with mango salsa and herbs, which Crawford, 43, uses “to add flavor, not calories,” Waters says.

Mediterranean Diet


“Life is just too short to count calories forever!” says the Entourage star, 45, adding, “I can’t live without carbs.” Good thing then that Mazar’s favorite Mediterranean dishes—fish brushed with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella and antioxidant-packed red wine—happen to be good for her waistline. “I’m naturally a muscular gal with some curves,” she says, “so eating a Mediterranean diet makes my body happy.”

Chef’s Delivery


After giving birth to daughter Estela in 2007, Ali Landry avoided the gym for two years. So how did she lose the baby weight? The Chef’s Diet Home Delivery System, which creates daily menus broken up into 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein and 30 percent “favorable” fats. “The weight came off!” Landry, 36, told PEOPLE. Even better: She got to eat everything from cinnamon sugar crepes with mascarpone to lobster tails with apple-chicken-sausage stuffing. “I was always satisfied,” she says.

Blood Type Diet


The CSI: Miami star, 42, used to try to eat right by reaching for sushi and edamame. Then she read Eat Right 4 Your Type, which she says claims that tuna and soybeans, among other foods, are poor choices for anyone who, like La Rue, is blood type B. By sticking to the book’s suggested foods for her body—which include eggs with toast, turkey, beef and asparagus—La Rue dropped 20 lbs. over 7 months. “I don’t feel like I’m on a diet,” she says. “It’s a lifestyle.”