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Dessert With… Mila & Justin

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Friends with Benefits is about casual sex between friends. Does that ever really work?

Timberlake: It doesn’t have a good shelf life, but it’s a nice audition.

Kunis: You either get promoted or you get fired. But as long as there’s honest communication …

Timberlake: [squirting whipped cream into his mouth] God, I’m getting a sugar high already.

Was there instant chemistry when you first met?

Kunis: We both flew to L.A. for dinner with Will [Gluck], the director.

Timberlake: We bonded over our shared lowbrow sense of humor.

Kunis: And we could stand each other.

You both take your clothes off in this movie. Any stress about stripping down?

Timberlake: She was coming off Black Swan, where she weighed two pounds. Kunis: So I was in the process of gaining weight.

Timberlake: I basically stopped eating cheese and bread and drinking beer.

Kunis: And I picked it up for him. It was nice. I was like, “Watch me eat!”

Milkshakes are one thing. Ever order something a little stronger?

Timberlake: There are some things a lady doesn’t talk about.

Kunis: Well, tequila.

Timberlake: Tequila makes your clothes come off.

Kunis: And that’s just not okay.

Timberlake: Or is it?

Kunis: I’ve never been so drunk that I’ve truly regretted anything.

Timberlake: One time I played four shows in a row in Dublin. I’m very proud to say that the crew and the band and I drank the Four Seasons in Dublin out of Jack Daniels. They said out of Skynyrd, Zeppelin, all the people that have come through, they’ve never had someone drink them out of all their cases of whiskey. That’s why I don’t drink whiskey anymore-because I have four illegitimate Irish children.

Kunis: Ooh! I can’t wait for this to be printed.