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Desperate Housewives: Summer Secrets

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Co-executive producer and writer Kevin Murphy answers our burning questions

•Is Rex really dead?

“Dead, dead, dead,” says Murphy. Of course, “our dead characters never stay off the air for long.” So expect to see Bree’s kinky hubby (Steven Culp, left, with Marcia Cross) in flashbacks.

•What’s going to happen to Bree and her evil-pharmacist suitor George (Roger Bart, right)?

“We’ll be seeing more of George. And we’re going to meet Rex’s mother. She’s going to lock horns with Bree.”

•Now that his dad is dead, will Andrew continue his malicious plan to destroy mom Bree?

“Danielle [Andrew’s sister] saw Bree lollygagging while Rex was having a heart attack. That may color his opinion. Sometimes he will express his rage in very inappropriate ways. We’ve got something big in the works for Andrew.”

•What’s up with the mysterious new mother-and-son neighbors (Alfre Woodard and Mehcad Brooks, left)?

“Definitely keep an eye on Alfre Woodard’s character. She came to Wisteria Lane with something to hide, and we’re going to find out exactly what she’s hiding in the season premiere. There’s a reason they moved in the middle of the night, and there’s a reason they moved themselves.”

•Did John decide to take on Carlos figuring that Carlos would be safely locked away in jail?

“We did two scenes explaining that—one with a happy ending for John, one without—and we decided not to run either of them until next season.”

•Let’s play Who’s the Daddy?…First, Gabrielle’s baby: Carlos or John?

“We have never seen her take a paternity test,” says Murphy. “For now, it’s in her interest to let Carlos believe it’s his.”

•And Zach? Is Mike the plumber the creepy teen’s real dad?

“We strongly implied that Mike thinks that at least. Whether that’s actually true, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Jesse Metcalfe

Eva Longoria‘s lawn-boy toy is now filming John Tucker Must Die with two other TV lovelies, Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush. “I’m just lucky,” he says.

Eva Longoria
The actress jetted off to France in May, where she wowed fans on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Then she flew to Toronto to begin shooting the political thriller The Sentinel with Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Basinger.

Marcia Cross

“I’m going to get my house in order. I’m very unlike Bree, and it’s a mess from a year of neglect!”

Teri Hatcher
First order of business: a private golf lesson with Tiger Woods at Tiger Jam VIII on May 20. “For a girl who hasn’t played in nine years, you can’t believe how good her swing is,” says Woods, who also tutored her dad, Owen, celebrating his 70th birthday. “He’s so personable I hope I can be his stalker,” says Hatcher. “I can call him: ‘Um, hi Tiger, it’s Teri. I’m on the eighth hole and having a little trouble.’ I’m sure he’d love that.”

Ricardo’s Crusade

Forget jealous, selfish Carlos: In real life, Ricardo Chavira is a breast-cancer activist working to honor his late mother’s memory. Read more on page 107.