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Demi Moore

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“I’VE GOT TO SHOW MY GOODIES,” SHE HAS SAID OF her forthcoming star-peel in Striptease: Has to, or wants to? Moore, of course, has often shucked her duds for magazine covers and big-screen sex scenes. But now, with her status as Hollywood’s highest-paid actress (asking price: $12.5 million per picture), head of a busy production company and longtime wife of Mr. Die Hard, Demi, 33, can afford to be demure, right? Not a Ghost of a chance: This working mom loves to take her clothes off in front of America. And what she won’t sacrifice for art! To bump and grind in ‘tease, she punished her 5’5″, 120-lb. frame with four-hour daily workouts that included lunges, squats and dance exercises. The result? Says the film’s choreographer Marguerite Derricks: “She has a perfect, round, shapely butt.” Putting a feminist spin on the gyrations, Moore herself says, “We do feel free when we look at a mirror and feel sensual. I’m not saying go out and strip for anybody. But if you feel comfortable enough to, then…” Her costar Burt Reynolds, for one, appreciated the view, if not the point of view. After sitting beneath the actress for two table-dance sequences, he was heard muttering, “Yeah, this is a real tough job!”