Brenda Rodriguez
August 10, 2009 12:00 PM

Summer in California just got hotter: David Beckham is back on the field for the L.A. Galaxy. Not that the sexy soccer player is getting star treatment—some grumpy fans have heckled him for spending too much time playing in Europe. Still, he wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s to be expected,” says Beckham, 34. “It’s sometimes nice to get the boos—it gives you inspiration.” The handsome midfielder spoke with PEOPLE’s Brenda Rodriguez to tackle readers’ questions about his life with Posh, those steamy underwear ads and his quirky hobbies (yep, this neat freak loves to vacuum).

How does your wife react to all the attention you get from women?


Salt Lake City, Utah

The same way I react to the attention she gets from men. She gets the same amount of attention from me! It’s an honor to be with someone so many people think is attractive. It’s one of those things we have to accept.

If you weren’t a professional soccer player, what career would you have chosen?


London, Ont.

I was very into art, so maybe I would have become an artist of some kind. My children are always asking me to draw different things for them. The kids love Tigger, and they also like me to draw Baloo out of The Jungle Book.

What is your favorite tattoo?


New York

The one of Victoria on my arm is a special one, and the names of my sons on my back, but there is not one I can say is my favorite because every one has a meaning. I have about 30 tattoos now.

What passion do you have in your life that might surprise people?


Camas, Wash.

I’m very passionate about cleanliness and housework. I love to vacuum. And I also like cooking. My signature dish for Victoria is grilled prawns or lobster and fresh vegetables. And for the children it’s pasta with fresh tomatoes and olives.

I’m 9 years old. My goal is to become a professional soccer player. What advice can you give me?


Parkland, Fla.

Enjoy it. That’s just as important as practicing. And always have that belief—when you want to achieve something, you have to believe it.

What’s the last romantic thing you have done for Victoria?


Fairfield, Conn.

We went to the Seychelles a few weeks ago, which is somewhere she wanted to go for many years, and I surprised her. It was our 10-year anniversary. We had romantic meals and sat out until 5 in the morning every night, just the two of us. I think the secret to making any marriage work is you have to have fun together. Your kids always come first, but you have to also spend time together as a couple.

What do you plan on doing when you retire from playing soccer?


Thomson, Ga.

I plan on spending time with the family and getting more involved in charity. Being an ambassador for UNICEF is something I’m very passionate about. I went to Sierra Leone last year, which was amazing. We also have our own charity [the David and Victoria Beckham Children’s Charity], and I’ve got a soccer academy. I’ve got quite a few things to keep me busy.

Do you and Victoria plan to have any more children?


Springfield, Mo.

We’d love to have more children! Five would be a nice number to have. A little girl would be nice at some point but if we have two more boys—as long as they’re healthy—that’s the most important thing.

We know your wife can dance and sing. Even your kids break dance. Can you dance and sing?


Wynnewood, Pa.

[Laughs] I can sing in the shower. And I can dance, but I’m very shy. I’d definitely rather stick to the soccer.



Houston, Texas

When they first saw them, they were like, “Daddy, why are you in your underwear so everyone can see?” They don’t mind. If they were older, they’d be embarrassed, maybe.

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