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December 13, 2010 12:00 PM



Sept. 7, 2010 7 lbs. 2 oz.

Danica McKellar will never forget the first time she heard her son’s name. “We’d only dated a few months when Mike said, ‘I have a name picked out for a boy, and it’s Draco,'” says the former Wonder Years star of her now-husband, composer Mike Verta. “I remember staring at him, my eyes going blink, blink. I thought, ‘I better get used to that name, because I think this guy might be the one!'”

Fast-forward eight years: Happily married to Verta since 2009, McKellar, 35, is staring into a new set of eyes-those of her newborn son named, yes, Draco. “I love it!” the actress says of the name, which is the Latin word for dragon as well as a constellation. “It’s cool and strong.”

The same can be said for his mom, best known for playing Winnie Cooper on the hit TV show The Wonder Years opposite Fred Savage. After her contractions started-coincidentally, on Labor Day-she endured 36 hours of labor without an epidural. “At the end I remember yelling, ‘Oh, come on!'” she says. But the moment she put Draco on her chest, “it was instant love,” she says. “His left eye was swollen and his brow was furrowed. He was the cutest little thing.”

While the actress turned mathematician stays plenty busy (she just released her third math book, Hot X: Algebra Exposed, and is the voice of Miss Martian on Cartoon Network’s new animated teen-superhero show Young Justice), she prefers to be at home savoring every moment with her “sweet-natured” boy. McKellar, who gained 40 lbs. during her pregnancy, has already lost 20 lbs.-thanks, she says, to breast-feeding every three hours. Verta, 38, has composed a song for their son. “I’ll be feeding Draco on the couch, and Mike will be playing the piano,” says McKellar. “It feels as if it’s straight out of a movie. Life’s pretty wonderful.”

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