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February 15, 1982 12:00 PM

Those among you, dear readers, who still believe that success brings happiness should consider these 10 men and women at the top of their professions, who from last Valentine’s Day to this have been notably unlucky in love. Ranked in descending order of despair—from desolate (four broken hearts) to vaguely disappointed (one)—they are a variably sympathetic bunch, but they reflect a less noted but just as lovelorn multitude around the globe, and all of them deserve better. In the hope they will get it, we present on these pages a tip sheet for Cupid’s use in the coming year.

Steve Garvey

[3½ Broken Hearts]

He finished 1981 as an All-Star and co-MVP of the World Series. But for the 33-year-old Dodger first baseman, a championship ring was no substitute for his wedding band. Steve’s 10-year marriage to sometime TV talk show host Cyndy Garvey, 32, was rocked in 1980 by a magazine piece in which she was quoted as criticizing his proficiency as a mate. They sued and won an out-of-court settlement. Then, suddenly, they struck out at home. Cyndy left in the company of her new most valuable person, composer Marvin Hamlisch, 37. Steve, alas, is a free agent.

Sally Field

[3 Broken Hearts]

The end of her five-year, four-film relationship with Burt Reynolds was apparently achieved with an absence of malice; Sally even attended the premiere of his Sharky’s Machine. The men in her L.A. home life are her two sons, Peter, 12, and Eli, 9. In New York recently, Sally was heard to ask plaintively, “Where do you find all the good men? Are all the good ones married?” One problem may be her cherubic look, even at 35. “Most people who meet me want to put their arms around me, give my cheek a tweak and talk baby talk to me,” she sighs. Her next project: a film called Kiss Me Goodbye.

Erica Jong

[2 Broken Hearts]

“When you’ve proved yourself in your own career and feel secure,” said Erica after the 1973 appearance of Fear of Flying, the novel that sent her career aloft, “you can marry a companion and an equal.” At the time she had survived marriages to a fellow Columbia student and a Chinese-American shrink, and was living with sci-fi novelist Jonathan Fast. After their 1977 wedding his career accelerated somewhat, but it never reached her cruising speed—and last summer Jonathan, 33, moved out, leaving their Weston, Conn. home to Erica, 39, and daughter Molly, 3½.

Christina Onassis

[4 Broken Hearts]

Forsaking her perpetual dieting, the last tycoon of the Onassis line has taken on considerable ballast and sunk to the romantic depths. After divorcing husband No. 3 (ex-KGB functionary Sergei Kausov) two years ago, Christina rebounded with wealthy Frenchman Jean-Jacques Cornet-Epinat, who died after a polo injury in 1980, just months into the romance. Last spring came a brief encounter with shipping heir Costas Mavroleon, 20. Now the 31-year-old Onassis spends most of her time taking care of business. Sighs one pal: “There’s no man in her life. She lives quietly.”

Dr. Christiaan Barnard

[2½ Broken Hearts]

Afflicted by a debilitating case of arthritis that has curtailed his surgical career, South Africa’s heart transplant pioneer, at 58, was looking forward to retirement and the company of second wife Barbara and their two sons. But last month Barbara, 31, a Johannesburg socialite, ended the union and started showing up with a local nightclub owner. Once a dashing boulevardier himself, Barnard was shaken by her departure. He has told friends that he will rededicate himself to medicine, and his summertime social life appears totally subdued.

Tina Turner

[2 Broken Hearts]

She turned in her “I like Ike” button and bailed out of her long-run marriage to the R&B sideman in 1976. Since then Tina has rebuilt her career—recent gigs include opening for the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart—but not her personal life. Maybe she’s on the road too much. At 42, the mother of four grown sons says, “There has not been a man since Ike that I would share my life with. I give a lot of room—it doesn’t matter if he is young or old as long as he respects me for the woman I am.” Still, warns Tina: “I want someone very strong. I am not a submissive woman. If you disappoint me, you don’t get in again.”

Gavin MacLeod

[1½ Broken Hearts]

Even with interludes like this Love Boat chorus line, life has not been all song and dance for the skipper since he separated last fall from wife No. 2, singer-dancer Patti Steele, after seven years. “What I want right now is to have fun, to laugh a lot,” says MacLeod, 50. Some who have helped of late: Polly Bergen, Jessica Walter, Debbie Reynolds and, most prominently, televangelist Terry Cole-Whittaker. On New Year’s Eve Gavin appeared with her in San Diego before 5,000 people and spoke on the subject “Take Command of Your Life.” Amen.

Pierre Trudeau

[2½ Broken Hearts]

Just when he thought it was safe to go back into the bookstores, along came Consequences, his estranged wife Maggie’s sequel to her 1979 confessional, Beyond Reason. As Canada’s Prime Minister, Pierre, 61, does not have a dance card as full as Maggie’s. He’s known to use the indoor pool at his Ottawa residence as a way of making new friends, and he flies to Manhattan for weekend dates, at least once with Shirley MacLaine. Still, girlfriends and nannies are no match for a steadying maternal influence in his role as single father to his three young sons.

John Warner

[4 Broken Hearts]

Last month the Senator had to send regrets to Virginia Gov. Chuck Robb’s inaugural ball, explaining: “I’m without a dance partner.” Liz had barely gone, and already there were rumors of her romance with General Hospital’s Tony Geary (false), Broadway producer Zev Bufman (denied) and others (who knew?). John, 55, spent his Christmas vacation in Aspen with his fabulously wealthy ex, Catherine Mellon, and their three kids. But D.C. hostesses have so far failed to make a match for him. Clucks one D.C. Lonelyhearts: “John always falls in love above himself.”

Janet Auchincloss

[1 Broken Heart]

“I’ll never marry again,” vowed Janet Lee Bouvier Auchincloss Morris, 76, who left her third husband, financier Bingham M. “Booch” Morris, in December after two years of marriage. What of her famous daughters by Black Jack Bouvier? Since jilting hotelier Newton Cope in 1979, Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwill, 48, has kept a stick-thin profile in the society columns. And though her sis is often spotted with New York entrepreneur Maurice Tempelsman, few will wager that, at 52, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis is ready to change her surname again.

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