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Crazy Coifs

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The Cape Fear nominee said she opted for cornrows in honor of Oscar-night zani-ness. “I realized how wild it was,” she told PEOPLE.

The presenter for a film-clip montage topped a vintage gown with a carefully sculpted 1920s flapper hairstyle.

Leapin’ lizards! Presenting the Best Song Award, Barbra Streisand took her curly-cues from Little Orphan Annie.

Night Caps

ALI MACGRAW: A Best Actress nominee for Love Story, MacGraw added some flower power to the kind of knit hat that she popularized in the early 70s. BETTE DAVIS: The actress used a skullcap to hide her hairline, shaved back to play Queen Elizabeth I in The Virgin Queen. ARETHA FRANKLIN: The Queen of Soul gave a hair-raising performance of “Funny Girl,” nominated for Best Song. ANN-MARGRET: The Best Song presenter beat a bad hair day with a spray of rhinestones.

Crowning Glory

LILY TOMLIN: For her first trip to the Oscars, Nashville‘s Best Supporting Actress nominee donned a tiara and mink stole and “went as my idea of a ’50s movie star,” Tomlin told PEOPLE last year. COURTNEY LOVE: The grunge goddess found just the thing to top off her $15 thrift-store dress: a $2 plastic headpiece. SALMA HAYEK: “Where else is a girl going to wear a tiara if it’s not to the Oscars?” Hayek told People. “You get to star in your own fairy tale.” ELIZABETH TAYLOR: To present the award for Costume Design, Taylor wore a $25,000 sparkler, a gift from then-husband Mike Todd.