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Crash Dummies

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No, the 36-year-old actor has never actually crashed a wedding—he was a perfectly legit guest at the Ben Stiller-Christine Taylor nuptials in Hawaii in 2000, for instance—but he wouldn’t mind sneaking into whatever ceremony eventually unites Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. “I probably would have to crash it because I don’t really know either of them, so I wouldn’t be invited,” he says. “I don’t think I would just quietly go in and be a wallflower. I’d be front-and-center and hope that Katie would think, ‘I guess he’s friends with Tom.’ And Tom might think, ‘Well, I guess somehow he met Katie—maybe a guest appearance on Dawson’s Creek.’ ”

Asked about his own love life, the Dallas-born actor, screenwriter and big brother to actor Luke Wilson, 33, is a little less sure of himself. Although in the past he has been linked with singer Sheryl Crow, he’s currently dating a woman he describes only as “pretty great,” and adds that he doesn’t know where it will lead.

His taste in weddings, by the way, is squarely traditional, with a church setting: “I’m not into writing your own vows or anything.”

For now, at least, he and Vince Vaughn make a beautiful couple in Wedding Crashers. Their comedy styles couldn’t be more different—Wilson’s blond, surfer-dude flakiness playing off Vaughn’s dark squirrelly intensity. But Vaughn makes Wilson laugh. “Just the other day doing press stuff,” Wilson says, “Vince said we were going on a book tour to promote Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” the Judy Blume preteen novel that, needless to say, has nothing to do with Crashers. “He said we didn’t write it—we just really believe in it.”


It was a quieter, more innocent time for Vince Vaughn. Last month the actor—fresh from the deafening Brangelina buzz that enveloped his film Mr. & Mrs. Smith—was counting his blessings after once again dodging the media spotlight. “I don’t deal with the paparazzi that much,” Vaughn, 35, told PEOPLE. “I’m very fortunate. It’s not a reality for me.”

But once he started playing the newly single Jennifer Aniston‘s onscreen love interest (in the romantic comedy The Break Up, now filming in Chicago), shooting full-on canoodling scenes on a beach, all bets were off. Speculation about whether the two could be a real-life couple (nope, both have said) has somewhat overshadowed Vaughn’s ascension to the top of Hollywood’s comedy echelon. “All the attention Vince is getting,” says Crashers director David Dobkin, “is only making him more hungry for a challenge.”

Of course, getting sucked into the gossip whirlwind is plenty challenging on its own. Vaughn denies that Aniston has turned to him for comfort after her split: “She can take care of herself.” Besides, he’s having fun being single. “I just go with what I feel,” says Vaughn, who has been flirting up a storm at clubs in Chicago (the actor, who grew up in a nearby suburb, just moved back to the Windy City). “He seems,” says a club observer, “like one of those forever-bachelor-type guys.” Perhaps not, says Dobkin. “He’s like anybody: If the right person came along, someone’s got to tame the tiger.”

By Jason Lynch and Tom Gliatto. Katy Hall and Jennifer Odell in New York City, Brenda Rodriguez and Oliver Jones in Los Angeles, Caris Davis in London and Kelly Williams in Chicago