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What's It Like Being a Twin?

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The one big bummer about growing up an identical twin? “Having possessions is hard,” says Dylan. “Sharing isn’t bad, but it’s like you can’t share everything.” Adds Cole: “I don’t like it when Dylan wears my shirts and stuff.” But there’s one major benefit too. “Since you’re always together, you’re never lonely,” says Dylan. “You always have somebody to talk to—it’s pretty cool.”

Can you read each other’s minds?

COLE: We don’t have any special powers! But it’s like if you hang out with someone long enough, you know what he’s thinking—but it’s not like telepathy, which would be much more awesome.

So if one of you has a rash, the other doesn’t break out into hives too?

COLE: No—and thank God for that!

DYLAN: There are weird coincidences, though. You know, I’ll be thinking of a song all day, and as soon as I’m thinking of a certain lyric, Cole will pick up on it and sing it. Weird things.

Did you dress like one another a lot?

DYLAN: We were sailors every day.

COLE: No, we weren’t.

DYLAN: For a while we dressed alike because we had all the same clothes, so we didn’t have a choice. Also we didn’t really care for a while. Then we became 14 or 15.

COLE: It was 13 for me. I was done wearing sweatpants and orange T-shirts. I was like, “This isn’t working.”

Have you ever pulled off a switcheroo?

DYLAN: We tried once! Failed miserably. It was fourth or fifth grade. We tried to pull it on a teacher because I was really good at science and Cole’s really good at math, so he was going to take my math class while I took his science class, which were at the same time. We said, “All right, this is going to work!” We go in and the teachers knew right off the bat but didn’t say anything. They wanted us to keep going. At the end, the teachers brought us in and said, “You’re never doing that again!” And we’ve never done it again.

How long does it take for people to tell you apart?

COLE: If you spend an hour with us you can really tell the difference, because nowadays we really don’t look that alike, and our personalities are different; I swear.

DYLAN: Our voices are different. For a long time I was really chubby, so that obviously was the big difference. He has a thinner face, and he’s generally thinner than I am. He’s a little bit taller too.

COLE: As babies we looked alike. Around age 12 or 13, we started looking different. Now we’re starting to think, well, maybe we’re just fraternal twins!