People Staff
December 28, 1992 12:00 PM

“Annus Horribilis,” the Queen called it—the Horrible Year. George Bush might agree. But for most of us, 1992 was Annus Mutabilis—the Year of Change. We elected a new President and Vice President. And that will mean a new First Lady, a new First Daughter and even a new First Pet. (So long, Millie, we’ll miss you.) We have a new Congress to complain about, one with more women and minorities. And now that political candidates have discovered the talk show, they may become as ubiquitous as Oprah and Phil—and, of course, Larry.

But some things are constant. Madonna proved that sex still sells, and never better than when she’s the one selling it. Diana and Charles and Mia and Woody all showed that relationships are as fragile as ever. And, sadly, Arthur Ashe taught us that AIDS, the disease of the ’80s, is the disease of the ’90s as well.

Many of the 25 intriguers we celebrate in this special double issue are singular achievers; others are just singular. But all of them captured our imagination and make us look forward to turning the page to another year. 1993, take your best shot!

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