People Staff
September 16, 1996 12:00 PM

Decisions, decisions. It’s enough to make you long for a simpler time, when hemlines weren’t up for discussion, retro meant your mother’s pearls, and a touch of taupe was avant-garde. No more. It’s a fashion free-for-all out there, and celebs are not immune to the confusion. To separate the victors from the victims, our eight judges (see page 7) grappled with some tough questions. When should stars sacrifice their own comfort to thrill their fans? (Confidential to Cybill Shepherd, bottom right and on page 105: time to give up the sneakers.) Beyond what age is it no longer appropriate to bare normally unseen body parts? (Teri Hatcher, far right and on page 90, passes the belly-button test.) And who has what it takes to cross fashion’s final frontier? (Dennis Rodman, right and on page 114, may be secure in his wedding dress, but to our judges, he’s a drag.) Not everyone can be perfect like Britain’s 14-year-old Prince William (page 82). But then, as PEOPLE panelist Penny Rose says, “His school uniform has been in existence more than 100 years. I hardly think he can take the credit!” Credit goes to all the rest for trying—and for brightening up the next 68 pages of our special section. Sit down, fix yourself a tall, skinny latte, and enjoy the show.

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