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The Always Tasty Tom

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TOMMY, CAN YOU HEAR US? WE’RE WITH you all the way. We’re thrilled that your 19 movies have grossed $1.5 billion and that at 34, you extended your range by tackling such a complex character as Jerry Maguire. We knew you had it in you, and you’ve done it without losing an ounce of charm. That smile still stops us in our tracks, those blue eyes telegraph promises. Between them, says Maguire costar Kelly Preston, “he can pretty much get whatever he wants. I have a feeling he wakes up looking that good.” But you would never flaunt it, would you. Tommy? That would be a mission impossible: all 5’9″ of you is too down-to-earth. “He works extra hard to get you over the hump of being daunted by his looks,” says Maguire director Cameron Crowe. “He’s actually learned how to help you deal with it.” Your No. 1 fan, Rosie O’Donnell, worries about your risky business, though. When you’re not with wife Nicole Kidman and kids Isabella, 4, and Connor, 2, you like to fly twin-engine planes and race cars. “I’m trying to get a law against it passed in Congress,” Rosie joked on her show, “’cause I don’t want you injured, my little Tommy.”