People Staff
December 03, 2004 12:00 PM

“The last several New Years, I’ve organized vacations with 10 or so friends, and we have a really great time.”


“Once we had a Chanukah bush. It went up in fire. We never did it again. That was a memorable Chanukah.”


“On New Year’s, my family reviews our accomplishments and congratulates each other. Then we draw up plans for the New Year.”


“I’m not Jewish but I celebrate Chanukah. I have an obsession with Jewish boys. I’ve never dated one, but I wish I’ll marry one someday”


“On New Year’s Eve of the millennium, my wife and I had a black-tie catered affair. We did it swanky in our simple house. I told every single person to bring something to read out loud, under five minutes, something that had been important to them in their life. It was an incredible evening. Two of the women picked the same thing: the last chapter of Charlotte’s Web. It was thrilling.”


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