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September 20, 1999 12:00 PM

He knows what makes the girls swoon. And Ricky Martin, the 27-year-old singing sensation from Puerto Rico, turns our judges to jelly too. “Cute, cute, cute with a capital C!” says Hollywood costumer Melina Root. “He’s like a Winston diamond—flawless, perfect!” says author Pamela Keogh. “We love Ricky Martin!” adds VH1’s Roshumba. The judges also approve of his clothes. “It’s all about the way he moves his body,” says The View’s Francine Taylor. “On him you want to see the tight shirts.” Keogh praises the former teenage Menudo member for maturing into a 6’2″ man with “a polished, grown-up kind of style. He looks as though he checks a mirror before he heads out the door. He’s in control. He’s in the driver’s seat when it comes to clothing.” With his wardrobe full of Armanis, Martin is “quite young and sexy,” says Star Wars costumer Trisha Biggar. Also “classy and manly,” says Roshumba, who adds, “He’s so hot, I could just lick him!” At least we know he has good taste.

1. Outside an L.A. Oscar party in March, Martin “looks totally comfortable” in his silk velvet Armani jacket, says Pamela Keogh. Designer Pamela Dennis likes that he’s so “fashion-forward.” The knee-skimming jacket goes a long way with Trisha Biggar, who thinks this is “a great evening outfit. That looks like quite a fine velvet.”

2. At a May performance outside a Manhattan record store, Martin wowed fans in baggy Armanis and a knit shirt. “He wears clothes that show off his physique,” Keogh says. “Well-cut,” adds Roshumba—referring to his shirt, of course. “I like the detailing on the boat neck.” Martin impressed Francine Taylor too, “This works,” she says.

3. Martin had all the right moves at June’s MTV Movie Awards in L.A. “That’s a nice twist,” says Francine Taylor of the Armani tuxedo pants paired with an Emporio Armani button-down. Roshumba takes a shine to his footwear. “There’s something about a man with polished shoes,” she says.

4. Even at the L.A. airport last April, Martin looks fly. Pamela Dennis praises his international appeal in this body-hugging V-neck, saying, “He looks a bit European plus a bit American.” “Smart casual,” says author Keogh, while Melina Root notes that he looks “very of-the-moment.”

5. Martin came out a clear winner mixing Armani leather with a knit shirt at February’s Grammys. “Very sexy,” says Pamela Keogh. Roshumba likes the “nice muted colors” against the “pizzazz” of his pants.

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