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November 20, 1995 12:00 PM

Does this look like a woman who’d wear a white dress to her husband’s funeral? Of course it does. Four months before the death of 90-year-old J. Howard Marshall II, the spotlight-hungry Smith, 28, was gallivanting onstage with Bruce Willis at the San Diego opening of Planet Hollywood (right). “I love the paparazzi,” this world-class reveler said recently. “They take pictures, and I just smile.”

“She never met a party she didn’t like,” says E! News Daily anchor Steve Kmetko of the former child star with the tendency to strip when she’s having fun. At April’s Broadway opening of Indiscretions (below) Drew, 20, kept her clothes on, but she offers no apologies for being a show-it-all. “I don’t regret it for a second,” she told Interview in May.


Their paths may not often cross, but between them, these beauties attend more parties than Dom Pérignon. And while their personal lives are often wacky and wild, they were models of decorum in May at the Cinema Against AIDS benefit in Cannes. “I’ve learned to pace myself,” says Campbell, 25. “Once you get to 20, you have to take hold of your life.” Stone, 37, likes to take hold of her wardrobe. “I have a real blue-collar mentality,” she once said. “I dress up to show that I am happy and grateful to be there.”


Between her day job and her evening activities, model Hall (at a Ford agency party in March at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont) fits in schoolwork with a tutor. That doesn’t leave time for anything else. “Seventeen-year-olds don’t need as much beauty sleep as the rest of us,” says Model author Michael Gross. “Bridget is living proof of that.”


The year’s not over, and the Chairman of the New York State Council on the Arts has already been to 60 galas (including this April benefit for the Citizens Committee for Children at Manhattan’s Plaza hotel), not counting small events and dinner parties. “I never find parties tedious,” says Carlisle. “I do know people, and I love to eat.” The septuagenarian has no trouble keeping up with the younger set, either. “One should stay at a party until it is appropriate to leave,” she says. “I hate people who go home early.”


When it conies to partying, this Oscar-winning actress has an untamed heart. In May she popped up first at the Seventh on Sale fashion industry AIDS benefit in Manhattan, then across the Atlantic at the star-studded Cannes Film Festival. There, Tomei, 30 (with an unidentified partner, right), “did not stop dancing until 2 or 3 a.m.,” according to eyewitness Extra reporter Maureen O’Boyle. “She kicked off her heels and danced barefoot under the stars.”


Flitting between the launch of her yacht in Monte Carlo in July and the splashy premiere of Julie Andrews’s Victor/Victoria on Broadway last month, The Donald’s 46-year-old ex defines the word jet-setter. Ivana (below left, in June with singer Shirley Bassey at a celebrity polo event in Cirencester, England) “adds a grand sweep of glamor, a larger-than-life quality that we all love,” says Village Voice columnist and nightlife expert Michael Musto. “And she’s very entertaining. She’ll talk to anybody.”


Okay, so he’s not technically a party girl, but if the shoe fits, who’s going to acquit? “People ask me if I’m sick of the attention,” America’s most famous houseguest said not long ago. “It’s an honor.” This year, Kaelin, 36, piggybacked with Pauly Shore (top left) the Jury Duty premiere in April and rubbed elbows with (clockwise) socialite Anita Madden at the Kentucky Derby in May; CBS news anchor Dan Rather, CNN’s Greta Van Susteren, talk show host Larry King and Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, all at Washing ton’s Radio-TV Correspondents Association dinner in March; and Charlie Sheen at NYC’s Planet Hollywood in May.


Her former jobs include celebrity makeup artist and nightclub bouncer. What better credentials for a nationally known nightcrawler? Now that she’s part of the in crowd herself, Mazar, 31 (right, with Alexis Arquette at a June screening of Wigstock, The Movie) never disappoints her fans. Wherever she goes, she has said, “I go out of my way to look good.”

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