People Staff
September 18, 1995 12:00 PM

What’s that? You haven’t heard? Well, the sect’s out. Celebrities this past year did a pretty good job of getting into the fashion swirl. They sailed along on smooth waves of Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein and looked good stepping out on their own. Oh, some of them snagged their zippers on a tacky trend (would we have any fun if they didn’t?), bared too much or not enough, or overdid it on the piercing and the tattoos, but hey, that’s entertainment. “There’s a real psychology to dressing—people should wear the clothes, not have the clothes wear them,” says Another World actress Linda Dano, one of eight celebrity judges (see page 7 for details) who helped us sort out the big winners and losers this year. Among the findings of PEOPLE’S pane (which also included upper-edge fashion designer Pamela Dennis and America’s best-known cross-dresser, RuPaul): Money doesn’t matter. The world’s highest-paid actress ($12.5 million for the forthcoming Striptease), Demi Moore, hit the fashion skids, while working-woman-on-a-budget Marcia Clark, the O.J. prosecutor, landed among the Best Dressed. So take heart and enjoy the following 72 special style pages. See you later at the mall. We’ll talk.

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