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Costume Jewels

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“We had a blast!” singer REBA McENTIRE (left, with pal Sandi Spika) says of her ’00 I Love Lucy look. “Since I was a kid, I have admired Lucy.”

In’82, TORI SPELLING, 9, and brother RANDY wore Roaring ’20s chic. “We were like mini-adults,” she says.

“She didn’t want her face showing, because she wanted to be My Little Pony, not BEYONCÉ,” says Tina Knowles of her singer daughter (at age 4 in 1985). “She had to have everything My Little Pony.”

“Aren’t our pumpkins cute?” asks model clown CHRISTIE BRINKLEY of Alexa (“a glamor girl”), flower-bouquet Sailor (with dad Peter Cook) and Superman Jack Paris in 1998.

Meow! “My mother forced me to wear this outfit,” says The View‘s LISA LING (at age 6 in 79). “I actually won $50 in a contest.”

“I had dreams of riding in the Wild West,” says DICK CLARK (at age 5 in ’34). “This was as close to that dream as my parents would allow.”

Take one white sheet, some black tape, one wise-guy actor and—bada-bing!—James the Daddy Ghost. “I made my costume myself,” says Sopranos star JAMES GANDOLFINI (with his son Michael, 3, at a benefit in Manhattan on Oct. 20). “My son chose it for me. Looks good, right? I’ll wear it again on Halloween, now that I have it.”