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Constance Marie

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Hey! Who’s she?

Marie, 37, costars in two series—as homemaker Angie Lopez on ABC’s George Lopez sitcom and as attorney Nina Gonzalez on PBS’s drama American Family.

How she manages both: “T get as much sleep as possible. When I get home, I have just enough energy to lay out my clothes and go to bed.”

Her idol: Lynda Carter. “Wonder Woman was on TV when I was growing up, and I knew Lynda Carter was part Latina. It gave me a great sense of pride.”

Her big break: Break-dancing. At 19, Constance Marie Lopez, a third-generation Los Angeleno, was spotted at a club by David Bowie’s choreographer and hired as a dancer on Bowie’s 1987 tour. That led to parts in 1988’s Salsa and the short-lived TV version of Dirty Dancing.

Name dropper: Why did she lose her surname? “There are so many Lopezes,” she says. “It’s like Smith.”

He said, she said: Marie and yoga teacher Kent Katich, 39, met seven years ago in acting class. He: “I was attracted by her short, little dress.” She: “It wasn’t short!” He: “It was short.” She: “Okay, I was the floozy of the acting class—NOT!”