People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

“Being famous is great. I get to be picked up in a limo at the airport. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?” But the German-born, ex-Guess? goddess improbably claims she would really rather curl up in bed with a good book on art, philosophy or the law. Even a classic in Latin, which she reads with some ability. And don’t confuse the high-glamour Claudia with the real-life homebody who doesn’t mind dusting the Paris apartment she shares with model Bill Goins, 31. She also isn’t Brigitte Bardot—despite the constant comparisons. Bardot, says Germany’s Stern magazine, “was the sexiest Pekingese dog in the world. On the other hand, Claudia has a kitten face, more refined, more tender.” But Karl Lagerfeld, master of the House of Chanel, notes an important similarity: “She has that gift for provocation that Bardot had.” Fans are likely to agree when they pick up Schiffer’s new 1992 swimsuit and lingerie calendar. “All models look like reeds,” she once said. “I think I’m slim, but I have a little something the others don’t have: curves.” Pass the Dramamine.

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