People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

The sins of the Manias and the Papas will be visited on the children. Or so the Bible would read if it took up pop music in our times. Her name alone attests to the turbulence of 1968, the year she was born to Mama Michelle and Papa John. When Michelle suggested the name India, John replied, “You might as well call her North Vietnam or China.” The more euphonius fortunately prevailed, with a little creative spelling. Chynna’s youth would be pockmarked by her parents’ divorce, her father’s drug addiction, her mother’s transitory relationships with such stars as Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson and by Chynna’s own brief teenage skid through alcohol abuse. By some miracle, the chaos has not marred her beauty, a strutting, pushy pulchritude that demands attention. She has gotten her due acting on TV (as the title character in Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer) and singing lead in the supergroup Wilson Phillips. Amid the success, Chynna has maintained a relationship with guitarist Michael Landau for almost two years. Past romances haven’t been easy. “I get very attached,” Chynna says. “It’s the men who get up and go.”

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