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Christine Baranski

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Perhaps when she’s home in Connecticut with her actor-playwright husband, Matthew Cowles, and their two kids, Cybill’s Emmy Award-winning sidekick Christine Baranski wears sweatpants and tees. But out on the town, the veteran of four Broadway hits travels fashion’s high road, in rock-’em sock-’em creations and with every jewel in place. “I decided to have fun with those events and get the dress I exactly wanted,” Baranski, 45, told Newsday in March. “So we have meetings and fittings. I spend some time on this.” A grateful public approves. “She knows people expect her to dress up, and she does,” says comedian Carol Leifer. “She has definite style.” Definite, but “very diverse,” praises Seattle Mariner Alex Rodriguez. “She strikes a good balance between sexy and sophisticated. She also has a nice body and knows how to show it off.” Sums up fashion pundit Barbara Smith: “She looks like a star.”