People Staff
January 31, 2011 12:00 PM

She was the tragedy’s youngest victim, just 9 when she died in the shooting. But Christina-Taylor Green, who was born on 9/11, will be remembered for her final gift: Some of her organs were donated and “could save another child’s life,” says her mother, Roxanna Green, 45. Recently elected to her elementary school student council, Christina-Taylor “will always be the face of hope,” says Roxanna, who spoke to People about her daughter.

“She was so excited she was finally old enough to run for student council. She made a flyer, and her campaign platform was that she wanted the other kids to know she was there for them, that she was going to be their voice. She was voted in by the entire third grade. She was so excited. It wasn’t like a minor thing to her; it was big. It was the start of something that she would continue on with. She wanted to be the president of the council.

“She was very thoughtful and caring too. She wanted to help others who were less fortunate. She’d volunteer with us at soup kitchens on Thanksgiving. Most kids would be like, ‘Ugh.’ She was, ‘Come on, let’s do it!’ The day before [Jan. 8], she cleaned out her room and gathered up boxes and bags of clothing and shoes and toys ready to donate them. She was like, ‘Wow, I have so many things to give.’ She will never get to personally donate them, but we will donate them for her.

“She liked to have fun too. She liked Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera. She wanted maybe to be in the entertainment industry; she was a big ham. She was always singing and dancing. She performed ballet and was into gymnastics and hip-hop. She sang in the church choir.

“That morning of the accident, she was really excited about meeting Gabrielle Giffords. She wanted to see government in action. She loved her country and she wanted it to be better. It’s hard to say why Christina was chosen. But maybe God took her so we can all learn from this and the world can be a better place.

“The organ donation was something we believed in as a family. My husband, John, and I talked about it with our siblings. That if the unfortunate happens, we would like to be organ donors. When my mother died, my kids were aware that we donated my mother’s organs, and that’s what my mom wanted. So it didn’t take much thought when this tragedy happened to our daughter. Christina would be thrilled. It went with her belief-giving back and helping others. She did more in her nine years than most people do in a lifetime. She was a special girl.”

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