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A bottle of Old Style beer, the preferred local aperitif, goes for $2 at Bill’s on Bartlett Pizza Pub in Streamwood, Ill., a place where a buck goes a long way. Of course, 104.3 million bucks go quite a lot further.

And $104.3 million (less taxes) is what Frank Capaci, 67, and his wife, Shirley, 63, loyal patrons at Bill’s, have to play with, thanks to winning the multistate Powerball lottery on May 20. (They would have grossed $195 million if they had not opted for a lump-sum payment.) “I don’t know how to feel,” says Capaci. “I ain’t never been a millionaire before.” But he did share his good fortune, buying round after round.

The Capacis—he’s a retired electrician; she’s a retired secretary—came into their windfall after two bartenders at Bill’s collected $180 from the patrons (including $5 from the Capacis) and drove to Pell Lake, Wis., to buy tickets. After the drawing, Capaci came in and opened the envelope with his ticket. “Frank,” says Bill Berger, the owner, “was stunned and not saying a word.”

And the Capacis, married for 43 years, with three grown sons, are staying mum about what they plan to do now that they’re superrich. One clue: The morning after the party, Capaci was at the Poplar Creek Country Club by 5 a.m. No, he didn’t have an early tee time with some fellow millionaires. He’s a part-time groundskeeper, and he didn’t want to be late for his shift.