Danielle Anderson
October 31, 2005 12:00 PM


Amber Tamblyn, 22, steers clear of Hollywood feuds like those between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. “It’s ridiculous, but then I remember how old they are,” says Tamblyn, whose drama Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is out on DVD. “We’re so used to young actors being ‘wise beyond their years’—now we have a generation of girls who are simply their age. They’re living their teenage years in public. Paris Hilton—not sure about that one.” To what does Tamblyn attribute the teen antagonism? “It’s probably as addicting as bodybuilding is for some people. It’s humorous that they fight about wearing the same dress to the Spider Club.”


For Law & Order: SVU‘s, Tamara Tunie, playing a medical examiner is in her blood. “My parents are morticians and I grew up in a funeral home, so playing someone who deals with dead people is right up my alley,” says the actress, 46. “My parents were very matter-of-fact about death. They taught us the dead are not to be afraid of—it’s the living that you got to keep your eye on.”


Singer LeAnn Rimes and husband Dean Sheremet aren’t falling victim to the quickie celeb divorce trend. “I can’t tell you our secret, but we laugh a lot,” says Rimes, 23, married for nearly four years. “We argue about stupid things. I think that’s good. There’s a difference between fighting and arguing.” Rimes’s take on less resilient marriages? “Hollywood marries Hollywood—and Hollywood gets divorced real fast,” she says. “I hate that girls think that’s how it is. It’s about finding the one you’re friends with and love—flaws and everything.”


Cameron Diaz wasn’t the only female interested in Justin Timberlake when he visited the In Her Shoes set. “Cameron, Justin, Toni [Collette] and I were in the hotel gym,” says costar Mark Feuerstein, 34. “Justin was lifting a medicine ball with his legs when Shirley [MacLaine] comes in. Justin says something charming, like, ‘Hey good lookin’,’and she’s immediately in flirt mode because he’s so dreamy. Shirley says, ‘How’re you?’ He says, ‘Good.’ Then she says, ‘Listen, your life? Fabulous. You’re famous, handsome and talented.’ ” Diaz quickly pointed out another plus. Says Feuerstein: “Cameron pipes in, ‘And he’s got a hot [girlfriend]!’ ”

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Set mementos: I kept the brown corduroy suit that I wore for 42 straight days. We didn’t clean it much because there weren’t many cleaners in [the early 1900s], so it had an appropriate essence.

Halloween: I give out 10,000 pieces of candy at my house. Busloads come by the neighborhood. Usually [the kids] are return customers.

Donald Trump’s online university: Instead of a report card, it’ll be the Trump card.

Favorite TV show: I’m still watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Costumes: My son [Andres, 3] was going to be Frankenstein but got scared of the costume. Now he’s Thomas the Tank Engine.

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