Molly Lopez
September 12, 2005 12:00 PM


(Songs from her new album, Wildflower, will be on AOL Music Sessions starting Sept. 9.)

1. RAMBLIN’ MAN by the Allman Brothers Band: “I can drive anywhere in America and feel I’m at home in southern Missouri.”

2. LANDSLIDE by Fleetwood Mac: “I look at the world differently when I hear Stevie Nicks sing. The colors change.”

3. DEAD FLOWERS by the Rolling Stones: “They made country music cool. They’re English, but sound like every dirt road in the U.S.”

4. EASY PLATEAU by Ryan Adams: “He’s a real throwback to the old outlaws like Willie [Nelson] and Johnny Cash.”

5. HIGHWAY 61 by Bob Dylan: “Self-explanatory.”


“I used to consider myself a cool person—until my son turned into a teenager,” says actress Connie Nielsen, 41. Starring in the drama The Great Raid, of 15-year-old Sebastian. “I’d make him listen to all my music. I introduced him to the Clash and the Sex Pistols. I bought him turntables and vinyl records because he was going to be DJ Kamikaze. Now he brings home the cool music, saying, ‘Morn, you gotta hear this guy,'” Has dating Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich upped Mom’s musical cred? Says the actress. “He’s not impressed whatsoever. It’d be better if [Lars] was a guy struggling to sell CDs out of a suitcase at Grand Central Station. But Metallica? Not impressed.”


“People’s personalities get tweaked at weddings,” says Peter Dinklage, 36, who stars in the comedy The Baxter. “Everybody becomes the Drunk. But you’re eating on someone else’s dime—that’s always good.” Though Dinklage recently wed theater director Erica Schmidt, a favorite matrimonial moment doesn’t involve his nuptials. “My brother is a violinist, and he played at a biker wedding in South Jersey. The groom was smoking during the ceremony,” says Dinklage. “He basically took a drag of the cigarette, exhaled and said, ‘I do.’ Now that’s classy.”


Convincing her parents to let her go wireless wasn’t easy for Dakota Fanning—until Tom Cruise backed her up. “I wanted a cell phone, but my mom and dad wouldn’t get me one. Then Tom asked if he could get one for my birthday, and they said yes,” says Fanning, 11, who voices Lilo on the new animated DVD Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch. “He gave me a razor-thin silver one.” Fanning, an avid knitter, returned the favor. “I gave Tom a scarf that was brownish and black, [to match] his hair,” says the actress. “He wore it around I the [War of the Worlds] set.” Does Cruise ever call? “No,” says Fanning, “but he has my number!”



Voicing a nude animated character in IFC’s Hopeless Pictures: It’s great. I don’t have to hit a treadmill before sex scenes.

Tourists in space: I could eat those space sticks, but [going to the bathroom] in my own outfit doesn’t turn me on.

Worst date ever: Fabio before he was Fabio. He told me he could get me 10 percent off on a leather jacket from this company he was modeling for.

Lindsay Lohan writes a song chronicling her life: Does it go, “Didn’t know I wouldn’t be pretty if I got so skinny”?

Awkward moments: Getting congratulated for [being pregnant]. I say I’m five months along so they’re not embarrassed.

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